Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 13.47.06We’re working alongside Wayra, Telefonica’s digital accelerator, and coalition of partners, to conduct a ground-breaking research project – what we believe is the first of its kind in the UK – to analyse the DNA of start-ups in Britain.

A lot has been said about the social makeup of the start-up ecosystem in the US but there hasn’t, as yet, been a comprehensive study conducted in the UK. The research project is offering huge incentives for those start-ups who complete both the ‘quick fire’ and ‘complete survey’ but if the teams commit to the ‘complete survey’ (EST 8 minutes), they’ll automatically enter a draw to win O2 mobile phone business tariffs for their team. They may also feature as a case study within the national campaign we plan to launch when distributing the report as well as the huge digital PR campaign accompanying it.

Here are the links to both surveys:

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What is an Apprenticeship in the modern day?

Written by our Business Development Executive – Jonathan Tilley.

On accepting my first job after leaving University I embarked on what was, if I am to be completely honest, an alien world of apprenticeships.  My keenness to work within the sector came from my previous experiences working with 16-17 year olds helping them immerse themselves in their local communities, and also assisting them in finding the direction that they wish to take in life.  When you consider that a large proportion of 30 year olds don’t have a full purchase on what their chosen career should be, then how difficult must it be for those who have just left Secondary School/College to make life forming career decisions while still in their formative years.  When I was about to leave School, the only viable option that was ever promoted to me by those who I had respect for, i.e. my teachers, parents and peers, was to go to University.  With no seeming alternative, and being a direction-less teenager, influenced by those around me, I opted for what, in hindsight, was the easy route and went to University.  My experiences of coasting through University, and probably studying for less time than I ought to have, did not help guide me in finding my ideal vocation/career path.  If anything they made things more confusing, as I found it easy to develop what is a common stance among University students, of an attitude that believes graduates have an entitlement to an instantly well paid job, but coming from a position of no real direction or understanding of what “real” life actually entails.

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The IT Apprenticeship Survival Kit

Written by our music loving IT Learning & Development Specialist – Kanma Chukwu.

Being a trainer and assessor or as The UnLtd group like to call, a Learning And Development Specialist, I think I have seen pretty much everything that could possibly land a new and inexperienced apprentice into a pool of hot water from their workplace or training provider. I have put together a list of some of the things I feel will help any apprentice avoid some common pitfalls.

  1. Having the right Apps

One of the common areas that has apprentices arriving at the workplace with embarrassed faces and nervous twitching as they walk through the office entrance 20 minutes after the time they should have arrived, belongs to the local transport and the unpredictable and unexpected changes to transport that cause delays. If you don’t have an App such as Citymapper – Available for Android and iOS or London Transport Live on Android phones, then you are leaving yourself open for a bungled up journey whenever the road maintenance folk start work in your area without you knowing or when there are delays on a particular tube line.

Some other really useful apps are: WPS Office by Kingsoft (A free app for editing and creating Word, Excel and PowerPoint files).

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The Proof is in the Puppy

Written by our Chief Executive and dog owner – Simon Bozzoli (with help from Otis)

Otis as a puppy, shortly after he joined the team at The UnLtd Group.
Otis as a puppy, shortly after he joined the team at The UnLtd Group.

When The UnLtd Group began to grow, so did the number of people it could employ. We had a fun, close-knit team and soon the idea of adding a new member began to crop up in conversation – an office dog was a much desired addition. At first this was out of the question. The dog would have to belong to someone and pets are for life. It was a big commitment and in all honesty I worried it would create too much disruption for a company and team already under a lot of pressure. However, I love dogs and I could commit to owning one if it came to the office every day. After all, it would be unfair to leave a dog, especially a puppy, alone at home all day. Also, I have made big and scary commitments before – starting my own business, for one. So, in October The UnLtd Group welcomed its first (and only) four legged member of the team, Otis.

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