Transparent Trucks

Written by our Head of Product Development – Matthew Rogers.

Samsung is a South-Korean company that has overtaken Apple as the world’s largest information technology company.

In Argentina almost one person dies in a traffic accident every hour.

How are these linked?

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Do you have to be a born techy to get into Technology?

Written by our Communications Coordinator – Charni Wiggins

18 months ago I had dropped out of University to do an Economics degree, I had no job, no money, and thought I had failed my A Level results. What do I do now?

My Brother, who was half way through his Networking and Technical support Apprenticeship, suggested I give coding a go and get an apprenticeship in Web and Software Development. But the best I could do on a computer was use Microsoft Word, Excel a little and Google! How was I going to learn how to code with minimal computer skills, yet land myself in an IT Apprenticeship in a savvy start up in the Tech City of London? I slowly figured out that all it requires is a bit of self-belief, confidence and to take the initial leap of faith!

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If it’s easy, it’s not worth doing.

Written by our Business & ICT Apprentice and youth worker – Alexz Ullah.

When I first joined this team, I would never have pictured myself sitting at a desk and writing a blog; which is probably the reason that I am now sitting on a bean bag.

I left College with no plans to attend University or to pursue a career in an office job. College was so lame and I just could not stand doing more work behind a desk, behind a computer screen. Tim Hope (a man from Connexions who helps young people with employment and all that – I don’t know the details, I just know that he helped me out) ermmm yes so Tim Hope introduced me to Emma Dawoud (Managing Director of Enterprise UnLtd) at a youth centre which was about 2 minutes from my house and told her about some of the skills I had. The first thing I remember about Lansdowne is sitting out the front with Emma and Tim and being offered a position as a youth work volunteer. Obviously I played it calm like “Hmm yes that does sound interesting” when in my head I was like “Brap brap!”Read more

Half Term Success at Enterprise LDN!

Written by our Head of Youth Service – Veronica Bastien.

Young people in Stockwell, South London, have just finished their May Half Term break from School. For some of you it meant your commute to work was less congested, whilst others may have said ‘oh no children are going to be hanging out more on the streets’, but at Lansdowne Centre, the youth team for Enterprise LDN were ready for the influx of our members and new arrivals to attend our half term programme.Read more