The DO’s and DON’Ts of being an Apprentice

Written by our Account Executive – Agnė Šniukštaitė


‘So what makes a good Apprentice?’ – As an Account Executive I get asked this question a lot. And for most of us at LDN Group the answer is quite simple – ‘Just use your common sense!’ However, that’s not really helpful when you’re maybe a little lost or confused. So I’ve decided to break it down to a few simple DO’s and DON’Ts to make your lives a bit easier.

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Written by our Employability and Study Programme Tutor – Wayne James

An Outsider’s View of The LDN Group

Okay, so maybe a cheesy play on the immortal words of Buzz Lightyear could be considered by some to be just a little…over the top. But for a relative newcomer starting with an outsider’s view of the LDN Group’s business offerings, the theme is as fitting as it gets.

But before venturing beyond, let’s first consider our Apprenticeship offering itself;

Powered by an exciting range of resources and an inspiring team of Business Development personnel, who are responsible for identifying and signing quality Employers, our vacancies offer challenging and rewarding posts that have even tech industry old-timers like Me a little envious.Read more

The Power of YouTube

Written by our Learning and Development Operations Assistant – Emma Ezeh

youtube-logo-full_colorWhenever people ask me what my interests are, one thing I always mention is YouTube, and no, I don’t mean making YouTube videos, I’m not that talented. What I mean is watching individual content creators. A lot of people in the mainstream media saw YouTubers as just some silly kids who picked up a camera and decided they wanted to be famous and although this mentality hasn’t fully changed, they are increasingly being seen as legitimate content creators.Read more

Games are bad, mkay!

Written by our Learning and Development Specialist – Zak Islam


Aged…something in a single figure, my brothers brought home a brown plastic box; with extendable chord controllers, and I thought “WHAT THE HECK IS THIS!” with much excitement and amazement. Single coloured blocks moving around the screen with two moves; up and down…and the gods named it, PONG!Read more

TechUK Panel on Digital Skills Gap in the UK

On Thursday 2 July our very own CEO, Simon Bozzoli, joined a Panel of EdTech expert’s at TechUK to discuss how to solve the growing digital skills crisis in the UK. The panel, which was arranged by TechUK in partnership with Jess Tyrrell of Centre for London met to discuss a range of issues facing the tech sector today, chiefly the growing deficit of skills in the digital economy. It is a very real economic and social problem that demand for digitally skilled labour is outstripping supply across the whole of the UK, and this must be addressed as soon as possible to avoid the consequences of a stagnating digital economy.


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Local Enterprise Partnerships

Written by our Head of internal Quality Assurance – Ciara Williams

Having recently been on a webinar, implication of the Queen’s speech to the FE and Skills Sector, the following points were raised:

Training Providers can encourage growth of high quality apprenticeships by…

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