5 years on...

Written by our CEO – Simon Bozzoli

5-daysA couple of days ago I looked up and realised it was the 22nd of November 2015. A special day had come and gone that completely escaped me! Future LDN, the company I founded on 19 November 2010, had turned 5 years old and I hadn’t even noticed! The thought has crossed my mind that if I forgot my son’s 5th birthday, or my 5 year anniversary something terrible would have happened to me. I feel quite guilty for forgetting such a special day in the life of my other ‘baby’! 🙂 So, to celebrate I thought I would write a quick post about all of the water that has passed under the Future LDN bridge in the past 5 years.Read more

Invest in the future of Tech City

Written by our Head of Business Development – James O’Donnell

Whenever I meet with a Tech City company I always ask them what their biggest challenge is.  Sometimes its clients, sometimes its cash flow but invariably the answer that I get is talent.Read more

The subtle differences in mindset when interviewing for a new Apprentice

Written by our Head of Business Development – James O’Donnell

Hiring an apprentice is an extremely rewarding thing to do for any manager or business owner.

interview-imgWith increased competition and demands on finding skilled members of staff the apprenticeship route is an ideal way to future proof your company. After a 13 month long apprenticeship you will have a young person that has gained a qualification and really knows your company from the ground up – what a great way to build talent and retain knowledge.
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