Written by our CEO – Simon Bozzoli

5-daysA couple of days ago I looked up and realised it was the 22nd of November 2015. A special day had come and gone that completely escaped me! Future LDN, the company I founded on 19 November 2010, had turned 5 years old and I hadn’t even noticed! The thought has crossed my mind that if I forgot my son’s 5th birthday, or my 5 year anniversary something terrible would have happened to me. I feel quite guilty for forgetting such a special day in the life of my other ‘baby’! 🙂 So, to celebrate I thought I would write a quick post about all of the water that has passed under the Future LDN bridge in the past 5 years.

When I think about the last five years, the first thing I think of is the emotional rollercoaster of starting a business. The last 5 years have been pretty tense, and intense. From the early (and I mean REALLY early) mornings, to the ups and downs of winning and losing business, to the stresses of wondering where the next pot of funding will come from. Then there are the disagreements and the strains of building relationships and seeing them fall apart. And there is that unending, ever-present feeling in the pit of your stomach… constantly. All day, every day… I’ve gotten used to this one, and even come to like it a bit.

reboot-camp-septBut those are the not-so-good emotions. They’re all completely overshadowed by the good stuff. Most of all, the people. Our students and the young people we work with are truly an inspiration. I only have to look up from my desk to see the apprentices who work for us and I’m instantly reminded of the huge challenges that many young people face today. And looking at those young people I am also instantly reminded of the resilience and determination that they show by coming to work every day and doing jobs that are absolutely critical to the success of our business. Seeing that makes me realise that young people offer something very special to our communities, to society in general, and to each and every company that we work with.

groupThen there’s our team. Where do I start? I have never loved being a part of a team as much as I do today. Yes, there are ups and downs and of course things get stressful at times. But when the going gets tough, its our people who make it manageable, and even enjoyable. There’s a feeling of fun in this team that I have never experienced before and I genuinely think that is what makes it possible for us to keep going through thick and thin. The people who work for LDN Group today are such a huge part of our success. I can’t begin to express how much I appreciate and am thankful for them.

Together, the young people who we work with and our team have created so many stories of inspiration, of lives changed and of ambitions achieved. I only have to pick up the phone to speak to Shanade (the first apprentice we ever placed into a job) to be reminded of the power of the stories we have been a part of. Shanade is now well on her way to being a qualified accountant, and has become an independent and successful young woman despite so many of the odds being stacked against her. Soon, we will have helped to make hundreds of stories like hers happen. What a thankless job we do! 🙂

And the future is bright. 2016 is going to be our biggest and best year yet. We’re going to help more young people, engage more exciting businesses and be a part of so many more awesome stories. I can’t wait.