Written by our Business Development Apprentice – Bethanie Breathwick

In the past 5 years we’ve found that the most successful Apprenticeship employers have similar goals when they have looked to hire.

Although this is my first blog for the LDN Group, I’ve spent some time with the rest of my team to see what we really look for when it comes to finding AWESOME & ASPIRATIONAL Apprenticeship Employers.

So we’ve collated 7 of the best reasons that employers have shared with us.

We always meet our prospective employers and we love hearing employers who:

  1. Are looking to give young people opportunities to start on the career ladder. What better reason to take on an Apprentice than to give them that first helping hand. I bet some of you struggled when you first started.
  2. Have a real commercial need to take someone on. It might be in admin, it might be in finance, it might be in web development, marketing or even social media, but you want the Apprentice to contribute a valuable role in your business, not just menial tasks.
  3. Have a long term development goal for an Apprentice beyond their initial 13 months. 88% of our Apprentices are offered a permanent role on completion of their apprenticeship.
  4. Want to invest in the future of society, by providing young people with their first role. Companies that are aware of their Corporate Social Responsibility understand the difference that investing in youth can make.
  5. Make the most of their Apprentices and developing them into valuable talent. This saves them expensive recruitment fees in the future and helps them develop great teams.
  6. Strive for a diverse team/workforce. It’s been well documented the benefits of having a workforce that is age diverse workforce; the experience and expertise of the older generation can learn from the skill-sets of younger employees and vice versa.
  7. Look for a fresh perspective. Apprentices are a great way to bring new and innovative ideas.

Our most successful employers have a real interest in all of the all of the above.

To find out more about Apprenticeships contact my colleagues Jack Ballard for FutureLDN or Jonathan Tilley for Tech City Stars.


This follows on nicely from my colleague Jonathan Tilley’s recent blog, where he highlighted How to qualify for a £1.5k Government Grant for hiring an Apprentice.