Starling Bank

Quote from Julian Sawyer – Chief Operating Officer

At its core, Starling is a company committed to nurturing growth – in its work, and in its people. We’re striving to build something special, and we know this takes a team who is as curious, passionate and determined as our goals. Having partnered with Tech City Stars we’re delighted with the early results. Since coming on board, our first apprentice has been eager to contribute and to learn. We’re hoping to build  on this promising relationship as we expand our team with news minds and ideas in 2016 and beyond.

Quote from Kyle: Apprentice Systems Administrator

I came to Tech City Stars searching for an opportunity. My career had lacked focus and my work was unfulfilling, though I had the desire to progress. The team at Tech City Stars worked to place me in an environment where my interests and skill-set would be put to good use. In a short space of time, my new employer, Starling, has given me confidence, self-belief and training. I always believed I could succeed somewhere – now, someone else does too.


loveliveLoveLiveTV is an exciting music media company that creates branded content and supplies creative, production and technical infrastructure services. LoveLiveTV currently employ LDN Group apprentice Ahmed, 20, to help with decks, presentations to clients, logo and web design and infographics.

LDN Group’s services appealed to LoveLiveTV because of the ease of the hiring process. Having never hired an apprentice before LDN Group were there to help LoveLive TV start. Instead of having to waste precious time advertising, pre-screening and shortlisting candidates, “The ease of the process appealed to me and all at a reasonable rate” said Remco, Chief Technology Officer.

At our Reboot Camp the speed interview activity was most helpful for LoveLiveTV in terms of shortlisting candidates for the interview stage.

Our apprentice for LoveLiveTV, Ahmed, has had a “massive” impact on the business. He brought his own design style to the table and has flourished in the role. Ahmed was given the responsibility of a product that he redesigned and ensured the end product from the web developer was to specification.

LoveLiveTV sees the benefit of hiring apprentices over interns. Their experience was interns “were not as far along in terms of skill set and less keen to learn” said Charles.

LoveLiveTV would be more than happy to hire apprentices through LDN Group again and would say to other companies, “If you get the right one its totally worth it” said Charles.


carrenza-greyShoreditch based Cloud computing services provider, Carrenza, currently employ three of LDN Groups apprentices. Aaron, Zak and Soraya are now fully fledged members of the Carrenza team taking on serious responsibility. Aaron and Zak have taken positions as Service Desk Analyst apprentices and Soraya is a Digital Marketing apprentice.

Carrenza enjoyed joining our candidates at Reboot Camp. It allowed the company huge insight into our pool of apprentices. Aaron, Zak and Soraya were cherry picked at Reboot Camp. “It was nice to be able to come down and do a hands on with the apprentices” said Tim Head of Service Management.carrenza-soraya

Tim noted how beneficial it’s been for their business to have apprentices. When new recruits join a company they have question, “we’ve actually looked at what we do, how we do it and try and make it as repeatable as possible” not just for employees but for the Carrenza customers.

carrenza-aaronCarrenza see the benefit of hiring apprentices over interns, “being paid to do anything is obviously an incentive and if the person has a desire to work within the field they are recruited for, then this can only be a good thing…therefore the role of the apprentice is more beneficial to the employer” said Angela, Head of Marketing and Soraya’s line manager.

Carrenza would consider hiring another apprentice and their tips for other companies thinking of hiring an apprentice are: ensure their training is aligned with what you do and “seeing their work come to fruition, that’s impressive, and a must do for an apprentice” said Tim.

Monad Solutions

Monad-LogoBased in the tech hub of London, Monad Solutions are an IT Consultancy company. They hired Mykolas a Java Developer Apprentice.

Louise, Managing Director of Monad Solutions, saw a self-starter and focus in Mykolas, which stood out particularly. Mykolas is currently working towards his Associate Programmer Java Oracle SE8 qualification.monad

Monad Solutions joined our candidates at Reboot Camp™ and found the Speed Interviews element the most helpful.

Mykolas has been a useful asset to Monad Solutions and helped them develop a product. Monad Solutions had such a good experience with Mykolas they decided to bring on a marketing apprentice, Carina in the following Reboot Camp™. Louise feels that the fact that an apprentice is working towards a qualification is advantageous, as opposed to hiring an intern, “the support the apprentices get through Tech City Stars is great”.

Working with Monad gives Mykolas the opportunity to work with and learn from experienced developers.

Tips to other companies from Monad Solutions is “Do it – be aware that you need to invest time! But you get value from it!” said Louise.


Qudini-LogoQudini is a business dedicated to virtual management systems. They offer a business to business service helping manage customers and products in a more streamlined way.

Qudini hired Matthew a LDN Group apprentice April 2016. And he is their first software tester and Apprentice. The company saw the benefits instantly, “it is already showing through the quality of our products” said Fraser, Chief Technology Officer. Matthew also helps out hugely with any support the teams needs and has become a vital part of the Qudini team.

Fraser, was attracted to LDN Group’s services at the opportunity to get involved in the very early stages of the recruitment process. Fraser joined us at Reboot Camp™ and found it particularly useful to watch candidates go through a variety of challenges whilst being able to observe.

Qudini were impressed by how switched on and passionate our candidates were about what they wanted to do. The speed interviews element was deemed the most helpful activity in relation to shortlisting candidates for the interview process, Fraser commented it was “great to speak to everyone one to one”.

Qudini would definitely hire another apprentice saying “the whole experience has been great” and would highly recommend using LDN Group “if you want some extra talent, it’s good to invest in younger talent” said Fraser. He also recognised the benefits of hiring an apprentice over an intern noting that with LDN Group “apprentices get evening classes and we feel more comfortable that they are getting professional training. Apprentices are more driven and passionate.”

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5-daysA couple of days ago I looked up and realised it was the 22nd of November 2015. A special day had come and gone that completely escaped me! Future LDN, the company I founded on 19 November 2010, had turned 5 years old and I hadn’t even noticed! The thought has crossed my mind that if I forgot my son’s 5th birthday, or my 5 year anniversary something terrible would have happened to me. I feel quite guilty for forgetting such a special day in the life of my other ‘baby’! 🙂 So, to celebrate I thought I would write a quick post about all of the water that has passed under the Future LDN bridge in the past 5 years.Read more