Invest in the future of Tech City

Written by our Head of Business Development – James O’Donnell

Whenever I meet with a Tech City company I always ask them what their biggest challenge is.  Sometimes its clients, sometimes its cash flow but invariably the answer that I get is talent.Read more

The subtle differences in mindset when interviewing for a new Apprentice

Written by our Head of Business Development – James O’Donnell

Hiring an apprentice is an extremely rewarding thing to do for any manager or business owner.

interview-imgWith increased competition and demands on finding skilled members of staff the apprenticeship route is an ideal way to future proof your company. After a 13 month long apprenticeship you will have a young person that has gained a qualification and really knows your company from the ground up – what a great way to build talent and retain knowledge.
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Why should you care about what you do?

Written by our Head of Business Development – James O’Donnell


In business development there is always a certain amount of phone calls, presentations, meetings, coffees, misunderstandings, briefings etc. To some it can be a soulless enterprise, with the only return on the work that you do being the salary or commission that you receive at the end of the month or quarter.
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My first 3 months working with Apprentices

Written by our Head of Business Development – James O’Donnell

[ut_dropcap style=”two”] 3 [/ut_dropcap] months ago I started my role as Head of Business Development for the LDN Group. We are an Apprenticeship training provider that helps find young people awesome Apprenticeship opportunities in London in the Tech sector for Tech City Stars and the broader market place for Future LDN.

My role has a dual focus including finding young people and educating them about Apprenticeships and also finding companies that are looking to invest in young people for a 13-month Apprenticeship position.

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Team Days Out!

Written by our Director of Apprenticeships – Rebecca Jennings

Working for a growing company, and also learning about several other companies who have taken on Apprentices, it is always interesting to see how teams work and socialise together. I hear about all of the different kinds of activities that staff have the opportunity to take part in, such as; team breakfasts, Friday afternoon beers (particularly popular in the Tech sector), trips to the seaside, and of course the all import excess of the Christmas do!Read more

Hello Aldgate!

Written by our Chief Executive – Simon Bozzoli

It’s the middle of summer and while it seems like everyone else in the world is taking their summer breaks, it’s the busiest time of year for us here at the LDN Group. A-Level and GCSE results are out and there are thousands of young Londoners looking for their next opportunity. With that in mind, we’re gearing up for yet another Tech City Stars Reboot Camp and we’re also helping record numbers of young people into Future LDN apprenticeships. Exciting stuff, made all the more exciting by a couple of big changes to the way we do things.

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LDN Group has Moved!

We are on the Move!

…but we are not going too far.

Say hello to our new Office in Aldgate East, we are sure you are going to like it!

We are moving on Friday 14th August 2015. This means that all Evening Sessions will now take place at our new office in Aldgate. There will be a sign on the front door of our Office with our three logo’s LDN Group, Future LDN and Tech City Stars.

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You don’t need a Degree to become Successful

Written by our Communications Coordinator – Charni Wiggins

With tuition fees now being as extortionate as they are, it is no wonder many people are seeking alternative options to University. However it seems that for many people, the stigma still sticks, that you need a degree to become successful.


For me this was particularly the case. I had grown up assuming that after College I would attend University for 3 years in the subject I had chosen to commit to for life, and then pursue a career in it, which would make me successful once I had climbed the career ladder. This is what I believed throughout my whole school life. And as College provided me with no other alternatives to University what so ever, I therefore decided to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Economics. Read more

The DO’s and DON’Ts of being an Apprentice

Written by our Account Executive – Agnė Šniukštaitė


‘So what makes a good Apprentice?’ – As an Account Executive I get asked this question a lot. And for most of us at LDN Group the answer is quite simple – ‘Just use your common sense!’ However, that’s not really helpful when you’re maybe a little lost or confused. So I’ve decided to break it down to a few simple DO’s and DON’Ts to make your lives a bit easier.

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Written by our Employability and Study Programme Tutor – Wayne James

An Outsider’s View of The LDN Group

Okay, so maybe a cheesy play on the immortal words of Buzz Lightyear could be considered by some to be just a little…over the top. But for a relative newcomer starting with an outsider’s view of the LDN Group’s business offerings, the theme is as fitting as it gets.

But before venturing beyond, let’s first consider our Apprenticeship offering itself;

Powered by an exciting range of resources and an inspiring team of Business Development personnel, who are responsible for identifying and signing quality Employers, our vacancies offer challenging and rewarding posts that have even tech industry old-timers like Me a little envious.Read more