carrenza-greyShoreditch based Cloud computing services provider, Carrenza, currently employ three of LDN Groups apprentices. Aaron, Zak and Soraya are now fully fledged members of the Carrenza team taking on serious responsibility. Aaron and Zak have taken positions as Service Desk Analyst apprentices and Soraya is a Digital Marketing apprentice.

Carrenza enjoyed joining our candidates at Reboot Camp. It allowed the company huge insight into our pool of apprentices. Aaron, Zak and Soraya were cherry picked at Reboot Camp. “It was nice to be able to come down and do a hands on with the apprentices” said Tim Head of Service Management.carrenza-soraya

Tim noted how beneficial it’s been for their business to have apprentices. When new recruits join a company they have question, “we’ve actually looked at what we do, how we do it and try and make it as repeatable as possible” not just for employees but for the Carrenza customers.

carrenza-aaronCarrenza see the benefit of hiring apprentices over interns, “being paid to do anything is obviously an incentive and if the person has a desire to work within the field they are recruited for, then this can only be a good thing…therefore the role of the apprentice is more beneficial to the employer” said Angela, Head of Marketing and Soraya’s line manager.

Carrenza would consider hiring another apprentice and their tips for other companies thinking of hiring an apprentice are: ensure their training is aligned with what you do and “seeing their work come to fruition, that’s impressive, and a must do for an apprentice” said Tim.