loveliveLoveLiveTV is an exciting music media company that creates branded content and supplies creative, production and technical infrastructure services. LoveLiveTV currently employ LDN Group apprentice Ahmed, 20, to help with decks, presentations to clients, logo and web design and infographics.

LDN Group’s services appealed to LoveLiveTV because of the ease of the hiring process. Having never hired an apprentice before LDN Group were there to help LoveLive TV start. Instead of having to waste precious time advertising, pre-screening and shortlisting candidates, “The ease of the process appealed to me and all at a reasonable rate” said Remco, Chief Technology Officer.

At our Reboot Camp the speed interview activity was most helpful for LoveLiveTV in terms of shortlisting candidates for the interview stage.

Our apprentice for LoveLiveTV, Ahmed, has had a “massive” impact on the business. He brought his own design style to the table and has flourished in the role. Ahmed was given the responsibility of a product that he redesigned and ensured the end product from the web developer was to specification.

LoveLiveTV sees the benefit of hiring apprentices over interns. Their experience was interns “were not as far along in terms of skill set and less keen to learn” said Charles.

LoveLiveTV would be more than happy to hire apprentices through LDN Group again and would say to other companies, “If you get the right one its totally worth it” said Charles.