Written by our Senior Business Development Executive – Jonathan Tilley 


Following on from our Head of Business Development, James O’Donnell’s blog, this piece will further explore how the Government’s £1.5k AGE Grant (Apprenticeship Grant for Employers) can help you support your new apprentice.

This little known incentive is in place to aid SME employers who are new to hiring an apprentice with the start-up costs involved in hiring an apprentice, i.e. buying a new laptop / desktop PC.

Eligibility for the AGE Grant can be claimed for by employers who haven’t hired an apprentice in the past 12 months and who have between 0-50 employees.

Upon hiring your new LDN Group apprentice, our Operations Team will help you complete all of the forms that you need. The LDN Group cannot guarantee that the claim will be successful as it is an application process to our funders’, but we can ensure you that we will try our utmost to make it so.

15-17 weeks into the apprenticeship, we will let you know if you have been successful in your claim. If all relevant information is completed in the application form, then our experience is that the majority of firms are successful.

The AGE Grant can be claimed for up to five apprentices in a 12-month period, as long as all of these apprentices are hired at the same time.

The great benefit of the AGE grant is that can help small companies make a big difference in a young person’s life and give them the start they need to become the best employee for you.

If you are interested in hearing more about hiring a LDN Group apprentice from Tech City Stars or Future LDN, then please do get in touch on: 020 3327 9570. Or alternatively you can drop me a line: [email protected] or DM me at @JTilleyLDN.