Written by our Head of Business Development – James O’Donnell


I have put together a quick list of 11 points about our Apprenticeship programmes:

We often meet with companies that are interested in taking on Apprentices but are unsure of how our Apprenticeships programmes (Future LDN and Tech City Stars), are delivered.













1 All of our Apprenticeships last for 13 months

On average almost 90% of our Apprentices are offered roles at the end of their Apprenticeship.

2 You can hire a single Apprentice

But our most successful companies find that hiring a small team 4/5 at a time works better as they can grow and develop as a team, also it means that you only have to deliver training once rather than over and over again.

3 Our Apprentices are employed directly by your company

They still get holidays / sick pay / other benefits that you wish to offer.

4 We recommend that you pay Apprentices weekly

At least £200pw for Tech City Stars and £170pw for Future LDN.

5 All of our Apprentice’s travel is paid for by you

Apprentices who live in a London Borough qualify for a 30% discount on their Oyster Cards.

6 If your company has under 50 UK Employees then you might eligible for a £1500 AGE Grant

If you are eligible we’ll help you claim this.

7 If the Apprentice is aged 19 – 23 then we also ask for clients to pay £200pm (+VAT) as a contribution toward their training costs.

8 Apprentices work towards a BTEC Level 3 Advanced Apprenticeship in IT, Software, Web and Telecoms awarded by the Tech Partnership

This means that they learn skills that they can apply in their role with you.

9 Apprentices spend 5 work hours a week working on their online portfolios

Some companies give their apprentices an afternoon a week to work on this, or an hour a day, whatever works best for your company.

10 Apprentices need to have GCSE grades A-C in English, Maths and ICT

If not there will be additional time that they need to spend with us in our Aldgate Offices to work towards improving their Functional Skills and getting a requisite level of qualification to complete the Apprenticeship framework.

11 Tech City Stars Apprentices have evening classes 1800 – 2000

These run twice a week to help them complete their qualification, and additional enrichment that we offer to give our Tech City Stars a broad range of knowledge across the ever growing world of Tech.
To discuss the suitability of your company investing in an enthusiastic young person in partnership with Tech City Stars or Future LDN please drop a line to [email protected]