Quote from Julian Sawyer – Chief Operating Officer

At its core, Starling is a company committed to nurturing growth – in its work, and in its people. We’re striving to build something special, and we know this takes a team who is as curious, passionate and determined as our goals. Having partnered with Tech City Stars we’re delighted with the early results. Since coming on board, our first apprentice has been eager to contribute and to learn. We’re hoping to build  on this promising relationship as we expand our team with news minds and ideas in 2016 and beyond.

Quote from Kyle: Apprentice Systems Administrator

I came to Tech City Stars searching for an opportunity. My career had lacked focus and my work was unfulfilling, though I had the desire to progress. The team at Tech City Stars worked to place me in an environment where my interests and skill-set would be put to good use. In a short space of time, my new employer, Starling, has given me confidence, self-belief and training. I always believed I could succeed somewhere – now, someone else does too.