The BEST place in London to hire your next Apprentice.

Where do you find your Apprentices?

Before you invest in an Apprentice you want to be sure they are going to be the best fit for your team.

We get over 300 applicants every month for our Apprenticeship programmes!


What assessments do your candidates go through?

You can trust that before you meet a candidate for the Tech City Stars or Future LDN programmes we have already conducted our own interviews, employment assessments, Maths, English and IT exams.

After this, we are left with around 40-60 candidates each month that we are happy with putting into Apprenticeship placements.

We DON'T interview for skills.

To clarify, when we interview, we don’t interview for skills, that’s what we teach them during the Apprenticeship.

What we interview for is Attitude.

And when we look for attitude we are looking for:

  • Energy

  • Enthusiasm

  • Willingness to Learn

  • Ability to Take Feedback

  • Propensity to Take Action!

We know from working with hundreds of employers and Apprentices that this is what makes the difference.

The Apprenticeship Levy

With the introduction of the Apprenticeship Levy, businesses can embrace the opportunity to recruit new talent through innovative government funded apprenticeships. Find out how the Levy affects your business and how you can use the #LevyForChange!

The Apprenticeship Levy

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