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Lambeth Made

We love Lambeth. Our business was born here, and it was made here. The same goes for each of the young people we work with across all of the LDN Group’s services.

We have built a sustainable model for delivering our community and youth services at Lansdowne. Revenue generated by our apprenticeship business is reinvested into the delivery of services which enable and empower our local community. We’re constantly innovating and trying to find new ways of creating a brighter future for young people.



Wise Up Wednesday is our monthly event, where young people get to learn new skills, build  their confidence and grow their network.

Wise Up Wednesdays

Youth Service

Our Youth Service welcomes young people aged 11-19 from our local community and is open every weekday evening.

Our Youth Service
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About us

Our range of positive and engaging activities for young people, enables them to find their passion, develop their soft skills and build their future.

Our Youth Service is free to access for local young people and runs every weeknight. We offer regular events, like ‘Wise Up Wednesday’, which are designed to inspire and engage young people.

Our aim is to inspire young people, particularly those from Lambeth, to learn about and access the incredible opportunities that their wonderful city has to offer.

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What we do

Enterprise LDN runs a youth service for local young people, every weekday evening, from 4pm to 7pm. We welcome all 11-19 year olds* from our local area to join the service where they’re able to have LEARN new skills, BUILD new friendships and GROW their confidence and self belief.

Activities include:

– Sporting activities including regular football and table tennis matches and tournaments.
– A weekly code club, where young people are able to learn Scratch, HTML, CSS and Javascript.
– Gaming tournaments with peers and friends on our awesome Playstation 4 big screen.
– Weekly meals where young people can have a healthy and filling meal with friends, cooked by the friendly youth service team.
– Help with homework, challenges at school or in work as part of a structured guidance programme.

To find out more about the work we do at Enterprise LDN, get in touch with one of the friendly members of our Community Engagement team.

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Lansdowne is our home. We're here because the London Borough of Lambeth has asked us to deliver services for local people from the building.

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Our Work

We've prepared a report on our work at Lansdowne, and we're proud to share the impact we're having on our community and the young people we support.

Proudly working in partnership with the London Borough of Lambeth