Apprenticeships are all about giving young people the opportunity to work in a 0900 to 1700 role whilst working toward a real qualification that will set them up for years to come. It’s always an interesting conversation that I have with clients about the kind of roles that young tech savvy apprentices are best suited to.

One of the most obvious roles that we find for young people about to start our Tech City Stars Apprenticeship program is a Sys Admin or 1st Line Support type role. Essentially in this kind of role you are that first point of contact for IT and the rest of the business.

Who better to have at that interface, but a young, motivated apprentice who can help with a lot of the basic requests. As with anyone working in support they can always escalate to 2nd line support if there is an issue that they cannot help with.

Apprentices interested in this pathway through Tech City Stars are naturally curious and have demonstrated their skills in support through helping out family members with their computer problems, through work experience or even another accreditation.

The Tech City Stars Apprenticeship is a natural progression to those not interested or able to go down the university route

Throughout their Apprenticeship, the Tech City Star will work toward various modules with our IT Support and Infrastructure Learning and Development Specialist. They will improve their IT Systems and Networks knowledge as well as building up a wealth of on the job experience with the most common of issues that the company encounters.

74% of Tech City Stars Apprentices are offered roles by their employers at the end of their Apprenticeships

What a great way to get to know a company’s IT infrastructure. It’s, therefore, no surprise that almost 74% of Tech City Stars Apprentices are offered roles by their employers at the end of their Apprenticeships, through building their proprietary knowledge and their qualification they are a real asset to any business.

We hold Career Kickstarters for Tech City Stars throughout the year, so get in contact with me at [email protected] to be considered as one of our Tech City Stars partners and invest in the future of your company and the future of Tech City.